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Note: Payment for ASCEND meetings is due at the time of booking.

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Our Contract With You And You With Us (Our Terms and Conditions)

Our Promise To You:

We feel that the value we provide far exceeds the cost. We know the methods we teach will change your life. We will give you our very best as we constantly seek Godly wisdom in every personal financial plan we create.

Your Promise To Us:

Knowing that you understand that in order to change your current financial condition you must change your behavior, you will spend quality time filling out the financial data we are requesting. If we do our job right you will be free to share with us all of your financial realities without fear of judgement, thus giving us the best chance to create a plan that will absolutely work for you. We will ask that we receive back from you the filled out forms 48 hours prior to our meeting.

Meeting Schedule and Payment:

For our Ascend meeting we require that you pay our fee of $397 up front, before the meeting. Upon receipt of this life changing investment in yourself, we will make our pre-meeting forms available to you and schedule the meeting. (date, time, method - at our office, zoom, etc.)

Cancellation Policy:

If you are serious about getting your financial life on track you will not cancel this meeting! It’s just too important to miss! If, however, you find yourself unable to honor your commitment we will refund your money immediately, knowing that you can’t afford to throw away $397.

Subsequent Coaching Sessions:

If at the conclusion of your Ascend meeting we mutually decide additional sessions are warranted, we will put together a customized plan, detailing the number of meetings and what our fees will be. We will never schedule a meeting without having absolute certainty that it will be of great value to you.


In our litigious society it is unfortunately necessary to include the following: You are solely responsible for your actions, choices, and decisions. You hereby release, waive, acquit and forever discharge David Bivins, Anna Chau, and Money for Life LLC, their agents, successors, assigns, personal representatives, executors, heirs and employees from every claim, suit, action, demand or right to compensation for damages you may claim to have arising out of actions, omissions, or commissions taken by yourself or by David Bivins or Anna Chau as a result of advice given by or otherwise resulting from the coaching relationship contemplated hereunder.